Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Talk To Me

So recently I watched a movie with Dan Cheadle called "Talk To Me". It is a story about an African American, "Petey" Green, that was in jail and while in there he did a small radio cast for the jail and played music. After he was released from jail he was hired at a local radio station in Washington D.C. He started as the morning guy and had a talk show and would have people call in and talk to him about what they wanted, about life, about anything they wanted to and he would tell it to them straight. He would tell them the truth and reality of things. He helped a city go through some hard times, like the death of the great leader Martin Luther King. He was inspirational to thousand and changed many lives. So after watching this I got the idea to start a blog and see if people would "talk to me"? I have opinions on many things and I know many people do have opinions on the same things as I do but also have different ones so I wanted to create this to see how other people think in the world, I want to see opinions, I want people to speak the truth, and if someone can help another understand or help another that would fulfill the purpose of this blog. So throw me some ideas out this week and lets see what we talk about. If nobody reads this I'll throw out a topic and see what comments come back. So today, tomorrow, or whenever you read this tell your co-workers, tell your friends, tell whoever to talk to me.

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